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Personal Injury

Keep more of your money on your personal injury case. We don't get paid unless we win your case.

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DWI Defense

Pick from one of our attorneys, they will never charge more than a $1500 flat fee for misdemeanor DWI in Williamson or Travis County. Free consultations and payment plans available.

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Criminal Defense

Affordable, reasonable fees on all misdemeanor and felony criminal defense cases. Free consultations and payment plans available.

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Divorce/Custody/Child Support

Free consultations on your divorce, custody and child support cases. All of our attorneys offer reasonable fees and payment plans on all cases.

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Real Estate Law

If you need help with a real estate contract or having issues with a purchase or sale of a property contact us today.

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Affordable, reasonable fees on all bankruptcy cases. Our bankruptcy lawyer has 40 yrs. of experience. Free consultations and payment plans available.

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Business Formation

If you need to incorporate your business, create an LLC or draw up a partnership agreement, our attorneys can help you accomplish your business goals. Come in for your free consultation.

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Business Litigation

If you are a business owner searching for a qualified attorney with ample business litigation experience, come speak with our lawyers today.

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Wills and Probate

Whether you need to prepare your will or need a will probated, our attorneys can help you accomplish this correctly.

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Our attorneys handle immigration matters for clients professionally, successfully, and within your budget. Get help from an experienced attorney who can insure you are protected.

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Choose an Industry Expert To Help You


If you are being audited or have tax issues with the IRS then our IRS Tax Experts can defend you and get you the best possible deal.

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What Makes us Different

Unlike other sites that pick a lawyer for you, AustinLawyer4You is revolutionizing the way you find the right lawyer for your legal matter. Shop our website and pick the attorney that you like best. You can also choose to interview as many of our lawyers as you wish.

At AustinLawyer4You, the choice is always yours.

When searching for the right attorney to handle your important legal matter, it's hard to know where to start when looking for a competent and experienced attorney at a fair price.

A legal issue can be stressful enough without having to drive all over town searching for the best lawyer for your case. That is why AustinLawyer4You is changing the path to finding a qualified attorney in the area of law for which you seek assistance.

At our offices, we have compiled a diverse group of attorneys with varying degrees of experience in a variety of practices areas. All of our attorneys have their own independent law practices and do not work for us - we simply assemble them in one place for your convenience, making it easier for you to shop around and pick the one that works best for you. Each will have their own rates and different approach; and most importantly, understand that they are competing for your business. With us, you now have several law firms under one roof and attorneys competing for your business - giving you the power to negotiate the fees that fit your budget.

Simply click on the relevant practice areas below to view which attorneys handle those specific types of cases, then just click on the attorney profile to learn more about them. Once you are ready to meet with your attorney, call our central receptionist at 512-785-5955 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Using this innovative approach, you can now interview as many attorneys as you want at one convenient location, then choose the one you like best. Call today to schedule your appointment with one or several of our attorneys at no cost to you.

For client convenience, we offer evening and weekend appointments and all initial consultations with any of our attorneys are always free.

Our office is centrally located at 13785 Research Blvd, Suite 125, Austin, TX, 78750.

* Our attorneys practice mostly throughout central Texas but some may travel to other areas of the state depending on the circumstances.

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AustinLawyer4You was started in Austin in 2010. Now hundreds of cases later we are better than ever. We have the experience and skills to take your case and provide a successful outcome.